Column 7 ‘Number #1 Value; don’t waste more time’

I really like talking about values because of this; it is so diverse. Everyone has different values and opinions. You can learn or not learn from each other. Values give us a safe feeling; we know what we like and how we will act when a dilemma comes up. But actually for me it mostly stops here. I know, it is bad, but values for me are more or less abstract principles and no more. Most of the time I don’t even think about a value when making a decision. Values are in my eyes a good excuse to wait with real action. During this course I realized we have to address all the issues and values, but...what’s next?

Don't waste more time.

Sustainability, oh yes! I really like sustainability, because saves the earth for future generations. Justice, that is vital nowadays! So much things are going wrong, justice is what we need. We talk about it with our friends, parents or fellow students. Why? Because the idea of talking about it makes us feel comfortable. We, as Responsible Innovation students, think about the future and its problems. We are great! And there it ends. We all got our ECTS, and go on with our study…or

Did we matter? The last few month we heard a lot about real societal and environmental issues. Those we cannot oversee anymore. It stuck to my mind that we in the Western world all know about this issues. We all talk about it. But still the majority of the people does not change. People like the status quo. Only when real change is needed, they change. Why would we think that we can solve all problems with just talking about values and issues?

Value Sensitive Design is in my eyes the solution! As future leaders we can address major problems in the world. Not only by talking about it, but also by making it concrete. In my third column ‘Innovation for Everyone’ I already gave some advice how to innovate, even in a small way. Values are the key to building or developing a sustainable future. As humans we all have different values, but I think we agree on this; we need to enjoy life, on a beautiful planet in love and care for each other. So, why don’t we just start with solving the problems we caused by our self? Value Sensitive Design
is the future tool for more product and service development.

Hopefully after this course the great and beautiful ideas we have do not stuck on the values. Values are extremely important when developing a new innovative and responsible product or service. The knowledge about it is in our hands. The will and creativity is in our brains. The only we thing we need is the value of: don’t waste more time.

I all wish you the best in the next couple of weeks of this minor. For me, I finished this minor. I really liked this course, because it is about us. It is about this world who needs responsible innovation. This key element is now ours. 


Corné Smaal / Business Administration / Erasmus University