RI Chapter Presentations

In this introductory course we will use the MOOC "Responsible Innovation", which is created by the Ethics & Philosophy of Technology section of the department of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology. In 7 weeks we will discuss the different chapters this MOOC offers. 

Here you can find the MOOC:

Each week different students will prepare a presentation and discussion for the whole group.

September 9th: Chapter 1: Ahmad Bitar; Corne Smaal; Sanne Hoekstein; J. Klink and Bas Krijnen

September 23rd: Chapter 2: Henk Middelkoop; Jun Watanabe; Olivier Rutgers; Tim Boot; Talitha Kalidien and Igor Konovalov.

September 30th: Chapter 3: Emiel Stöver; Etiënne van Winkel; Tamara Ribbers; Nikkie Warnaar and Jordi Granés.

September 30th: Chapter 4: Peter-Jan Kok; Jeroen Eversdijk; Wouter Kok; Ilias Bouhannouche and Niek Rutten.

October 7th: Chapter 5: Ariana da Costa Gomez; Lennert Gestel; Edwin Hellendoorn; Stevan Milosevic and Anna Vis.

October 7th: Chapter 6: Jouke Dukel; Niklas Zeller; Nelson Johnson; Elias Vetter and Anna Kosters.

October 14th: Chapter 7: Adrianus Engelbracht; Carmen de Nier; Lisa Gerards and Emiel Hassefras.