More Nutrition, Mor Nutro Powder

“Improving the feeding pattern of Ghana citizens by education about the importance of a well-balanced diet and introduction of Mor Nutro Powder.”

In Ghana, malnutrition is a big problem. In this area of Africa, there is estimated that 42% of all children under the age of five suffer from vitamin A-deficiency.By adding vitamins and proteins to the daily diet of this group of people, the malnutrition problem can be reduced significantly. One of these vitamin and protein rich products that can be used for the improvements of daily feeding patterns is Mo Nutro Powder, which is made from the leaves of Moringa trees.

This project will set up  a sustainable Moringa Farm at KITA, Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture. In cooperation with 2 of their local students, education, trade and implementation will be tackled in order to create a succes-full and sustainable Farm. 

The mission of our project is to increase the income for the local farmers by involving them into the optimized production process of Moringa powder, while increasing intake of nutrients by children and pregnant women and creating awareness of the benefits of Moringa powder.