RI Projects – 2015

To bring the potential for interdisciplinarity to life, students will embark in mixed teams on a so called Student Project Group; diagnosing, analysing, designing, implementing and evaluating (Intervention Cycle) a real life innovative case. The Student Project Group, where you will work together with a ‘problem owner’ from a company, a non-governmental organisation or a a public organisation, will be the integrative focal point of this minor.

The Student Project Groups (SPGs) will be the integral part of the minor, here the students will deal with the complexity of a real life case in groups of 4 – 6 students through the Intervention Cycle that consists of six stages (see also the video below). Students will cover the entire cycle twice during the two quarters. The results will be presented during the plenary sessions at the end of the first and second quarter. The SPGs will be guided with workshops and weekly feedback moments.

At the end of the learning experience students can demonstrate understanding of the Intervention Cycle by applying the framework to a specific case of responsible innovation by working in an interdisciplinary team. Which includes:

  1. Applying practical and theoretical knowledge to papers and presentations; and
  2. Reflecting on teamwork and team decision making processes.