Skill Labs Responsible Innovation 2017-2018

Skill Labs are part of the thematic modules to support your learning experience and your work in the SPGs

On the Intervention Cycle

Erasmus | Dr. ir. H. J. (Henk) de Vries | Quarter 1

In the Student Project Group you make use of a step-wise approach: the Intervention Cycle. This cycle consist of 6 stages: Problem Identification, Problem Analysis, Problem Definition, Solution (Re)Design, Solution Implementation and Solution Evaluation. This approach will be used by the SPGs both in the first quarter and again in the subsequent second quarter. It also provides the basic skeleton of for the reports the SPGs prepare.


Interviewing Techniques 

TU Delft | S. L. (Shannon) Spruit | Quarter 1

How to prepare for an interview, what kind of interviews actually exists, and what are good questions? During this Skill Lab two empirical researchers, Shannon and Elisabeth, will discuss tips and tricks for conducting interviews, share experiences and difficulties from their own research and practice interviewing yourself.


Research Methods and Literature Review

Erasmus | T. H. (Timo) van Balen | Quarter 1

Your SPG project is practice-oriented, but built with academic evidence. In the SPGs, academic evidence comprises the use of state-of-the-art literature and the systematic collection and analysis of data to support your contentions. In this skill lab we will first discuss how to optimally search for, critically review, and structure your analysis of scholarly articles. And, second, we will explore different research methods to collect your data. The skill lab structures learning through a three hour lecture and several online documents and videos.


Identifying Ethical and Social Concerns

TU Delft | Dr. ir. B (Behnam) Taebi | Quarter 1


Design Thinking & Rapid Prototyping

Leiden | T. J. (Thomas) Baar | Quarter 1

During this session, you will try to give shape to your idea using design methods. You will develop your idea into a prototype. This enables you to see the shortcoming of your idea and how your concept can be improved. Through quick iterations, you will hopefully learn to appreciate "failing forward". 


Critical Thinking and Writing

Erasmus | Dr. ir. H. J. (Henk) de Vries | Quarter 1

Writing an academic report differs from writing an advice to a stakeholder. This Skill lab should help to learn both. The focus is on the purpose, structure and the different elements. Last but not least attention is paid to the art of making it attractive to the reader.

Students apply what they learnt in a small assignment and of course in their SPG report.


Critical Reflection from a Responsible Innovation Perspective

Leiden | A. Y. (Aleid) de Jong | Quarter 2

How can we critically reflect on the process of innovation? How should we balance various and often opposite concerns and wishes of a multitude of stakeholder? In this Skill Lab, we discuss critical reflection from a RI perspective, addressing the diversity of perspectives in complex societal matters. You will be introduced to the community-driven app rbutr as a means to promote critical thinking.


Result Monitoring and Evaluation

Leiden | S. P. (Sjoerd) Louwaars | Quarter 2



TU Delft | F. W. (Frank) Guldenmund | Quarter 2