SPG Schedule Overview and SPG Assessment

SPG Schedule Overview

The following table represents the schedule for SPG's to work through the intervention cycle. Each SPGs will have to arrange with their coaches when each of the assignments above should be turned in and they must schedule a feedback moment with their coach.

P = Plenary meeting with Presentations
F = Feedback moment
from coach

SPG Schedule Overview.png


SPG Assessment and Grading

Assessment forms (Appendix A and B) will be used to assess the quality of the assignments and the presentations. The criteria are used to give references to the students, where they need to work on at least. A higher grade is dependent on whether the SPGs can shows signs of a deep understanding of the case, mastering the used tools/literature or give sound reasoning and arguments for decisions made in each stage.

If you pass the SPGs, you will be rewarded with 6 ECTS in both quarters (12 ECTS in total). The report grade counts towards 5/6 of your final SPG grade. The presentation counts towards 1/6 of your final SPG grade. The final grade for the SPGs counts towards 2/5 of your final thematic modules grades. For example:

Grades 1st quarter:

Programme part



Final grade

SPG – Report

7.5 (5/6)



SPG – Presentation

7.0 (1/6)



SPG – Final grade



7.4 (2/5)

Thematic module 1

6.3 (3/5)



Thematic module 2

7.8 (3/5)



Thematic module 3

7.1 (3/5)



Grade list 1st quarter:

Thematic Module 1           5 ECTS                      6.7
Thematic Module 2           5 ECTS                      7.6
Thematic Module 3           5 ECTS                      7.2

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