Coach and Target Stakeholder and Interdisciplinary Group Work

Coach and target stakeholder

To help you achieve the learning goals you have (bi)weekly coaching and feedback sessions with one of the teachers who will be your coach. Your SPG is in the lead, so make sure you make an appointment with your coach. Be assertive! Next to these (bi)weekly sessions you are in contact with your target stakeholder. The target stakeholder will be available for an interview and for feedback. The SPG is responsible for organising and maintaining its contacts with the target stakeholder, but you should consult your coach before contacting the target stakeholder and you should keep your coach informed about your interactions with the target stakeholder.

Interdisciplinary group work

One of the unique points of this minor is the interdisciplinary group work. It will probably be the first time that you work with students from different disciplines. Although it helps you to broaden your perspective on subjects, it also might be difficult; especially in the beginning. During your (bi)weekly coaching sessions, your coach will not only discuss the progress but also support your SPG with the interdisciplinary group work.