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About the Open Research Platform and our page!

In this article the open research platform will be explained just as how to navigate through are open research project page.

The Open Research Platform was initiated to facilitate the collaboration between students and professionals. The website is an experimental joint workspace, where research activities can be displayed and be published. The minor programs from the TU Delft participating on this platform are: Responsible innovation (RI), International Development and Entrepreneurship (IDE), Companies and Innovation and the course Sustainable Development (academic year 2016/17). The open publications will show both Open educational Resources and documentations about the results from student’s research activities. The published documents will be available to external clients.   

Now you are reading this it means you are on our page: 16- Areca Palm Tableware - Karnataka, India. Welcome to our page! As we participate for 3,5 months in IDE, we experienced and generated exiting results. Here you can find our project’s activities and results. Besides the information about our project you also can find general information about India and the village, for which the project is specified.  

On the front page you will see several collections. Each collection has its own theme and purpose. Every collection will consist of off articles, which will give more information about its subject.

In the collection Project’s background information, information about the university, which initiated the project, the village and the raw material from the Areca palm will be shown.

In the collection Portrait of India background information will be given about India, but also about the city Bangalore, where we spend most of our time.

The collection, The Feasibility report, consists of our preliminary research about the different aspects of India, such as cultural analysis, institutional analysis and more.  This was important to establish a clear image of the country we would go to.

Furthermore the important collection, The project’s results, shows the research and results from our activities in India during the execution of our project.

In order to make the page more organized, we also made the collection, The final documents, which consist of the final presentation and our final report.  


With the information above our page is summarized. Thus have a great time browsing on our page! For remarks or questions, don’t hesitate to let us know with the feedback buttons beneath the articles.