SR article

Mission Statement


On some of the targets we don’t (totally) agree with the vision of last years group.

First of all we think that the men to women ratio should not be a hard number as they proposed, especially in the beginning of the business. With the current prototype we hope to get a little over a litre of oil per day. For this amount there are not a lot of employees needed. Mr. Hari and Radhakrisnan have been involved with this project from the beginning and thus will definitely part of the business. Also we think you should always look at the people that are available; the motivation of the people should be the main concern and not their gender. Therefore it will be hard to maintain such a hard ratio for the employees.

Secondly, the target of making a profit of 1.5 million in the first year is in our opinion very optional. The purpose of this project is to provide income generation for the villagers. Especially in the first year, where the business is still starting up, the first goal needs to be to operate profitably (in other words, to get out of debt) to ensure that the villagers have a steady income. The second goal should be to make a profit, so the business can be expanded and profit is necessary to have a working business model.

The last target we don’t totally agree with is the target of finding a customer that is willing to purchase 150 litres of oil. This is a significant number and not a priority in our eyes. In the beginning we need to find a costumer that is willing to purchase enough to be profitable, which is about 200 ml per day. If we have secured such a costumer, then we can look at bigger costumers.