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Review of Initial Business Plan

Last year’s group mainly spent their time in India developing a business plan for the project. This plan was powerful; however there are some parts that we didn’t agree with or that we felt needed an update. Also, it’s important to note that last year’s group wrote the business plan for a distillation column that is much larger than the current prototype. This is useful for in the further future, where the current prototype proves to be profitable and can be scaled up. However, we decided it would make more sense to write a business plan applicable to the current prototype, since it will then be representative for the first months (or even years) in business. So instead of writing an entirely new business plan, we are going to use the business plan written by last year’s group and adjust it where needed. We’ve chosen to use the same order as their business plan to keep it as clear as possible. The subjects we don’t name here are the subjects we agree on with last year’s group. It’s advisable to keep last year’s business plan at hand while reading this section.