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Possible clients

Who would possibly want to purchase the lemongrass oil and derived products?

Last year’s group had the great idea of focusing on the tourism industry: Wayanad has a lot of tourists, tourists are often willing to spend more money than locals and often place value on supporting the local rural villagers. It was also a convenient option since last year’s group had already established contact with the Wayanad Tourism Organization (WTO), which is a partnership of different hotels, resorts, spas and other tourism related companies. The goal of the WTO is to "foster a culture of responsible and sustainable tourism" in Wayanad. [1] The WTO members could buy the oil as well as the derived products (such as soaps) for their toiletry set. In that case, we would add a pamphlet that informs the hotel/ spa guests about the background story of the lemongrass oil. On 28 November, we went to a WTO meeting, where we presented our product and its business opportunities. We talked to some of the hoteliers and there was a lot of interest. There was one in particular, Parisons Estates, that was very interested and that had already purchased some oil last year. The oil was received very well with their guests and they were interested in buying more. We decided that once the production was running and we are able to deliver the product on a regular basis, we should prioritize Parisons as our first customer due to their loyalty and guaranteed interest. Contact details of Parisons, as well as other interested WTO members, are attached at the bottom.


Besides selling the oil and its derived products to tourism related companies, we decided we could also sell the oil to companies that are already specialized in manufacturing the derived products (soaps, mosquito repellents, etc.). Then, they could use our oil to produce these value-added products. This option would deliver a smaller income, since we would only be selling the oil and not the value-added products. Hence we decided it could be considered as a secondary option, in case the production of oil exceeds the demands of our clients from the tourism industry.


We have made a list of businesses that we could approach for this purpose:



For many of these businesses it is a part of their mission to sell organic products and support farmers in rural areas:

"The Institution is active with attitude to avail indigenous products in local market and to let people live with proud by self employment" - Khadi [2] 

This fits perfectly with the ethics of the project.








Contact details of interested WTO members