SR collection

Feasibility Report

To see if this particular project is feasible in the Okana area an extensive analysis on various topics have been done. This collection contains these various analysis.

This November we are going to a small village in Kenya called Okana. We will be working on a project initiated by Ellen Rouwendaal and Laura Straehle, two graduates in Architecture from Delft University of Technology. They designed a resource centre for multifunctional public use in the rural areas around Lake Victoria and they are currently building the first one as resource centre. The idea is that when this resource centre works, it functions as a pilot version, to encourage a movement to build more of these pavilions in rural areas.

We are travelling to Okana to make the pavilion self-sustaining. One of the items we want to implement is the BamGoo project. It is a project initiated by Sara Urasini and developed with help from Serena Peruzzi. They believe that transport and development go hand-in-hand, because everything that is being traded needs to be transported. Unfortunately head-loading is a common thing in Kenya and other developing countries and therefore they created an affordable alternative. It is a frame made of bamboo that can be attached to a regular bicycle. It also can be used to transport goods while walking. It is our job to investigate the project and think of ways to make it successful.

First we will start with building the first BamGoo and investigating the pros and cons. This product needs to be sold on the local market, so we need to find out how we are going to do this. We will be working together with the NGO Sustainable Rural Initiatives (SRI) and they will help us to succeed in our project. We will also do research on other business opportunities to implement in the resource centre.

If the BamGoo system does not work out, we will need to be flexible and think of other ways to help the resource centre with becoming self-sustaining. To understand how we should operate in the Kisumu area, we wrote multiple analysis. You can find these analysis in in this collection.