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Jana Okot - 38 years old


To get a variety in the interviewed people we also interviewed a local entrepreneur. Jana Okot is a 38-year-old woman who has a small tailoring workshop next to the main-road and she makes dresses and other clothing for the local people. Her workshop is simple, but she has a great variety in designs and fabrics. Jana is the owner and the only employee in her company.

We asked if she knew SRI and she did, she also knew the Pavilions and she was very enthusiastic about it. Jana would like to visit the Pavilions when they are finished to learn things she can use in her business, like different techniques of using her sewing machine, finding different designs and types of clothes. The problem she has is that she isn’t familiar with computers, so she needs training before she could use Google, for instance. She doesn’t mind to pay for some training, because she can see the value of it.

When we asked about the library she was also very enthusiastic, she didn’t mind paying a fee and she had also an idea about exchanging books, because she had some books that she could trade with the library. She didn’t really know how she wanted to use the library, she was fine by reading books there, but the idea of borrowing books for a week or so was also fine with her.

The idea of of a café in the Pavilions spoke to her. She would like to buy a drink during reading or using the Internet and if the meals were good and not that expensive she would go there to eat something when she hadn’t time to cook for herself. When we asked her to give some prices for the food she gave prices varying from 50 till 250 Kenyan Shilling (approximately 0.50 – 2.50 euro) for a decent meal, based on prices she found in Kisumu (a bigger town next to Okana). The prices she named for drinks where the same as the prices everyone has to pay at the corner shop down the main-road, namely around 35 Kenyan Shilling (approximately 0.35 euro).

Jana was a less excited about the BamGoo bicycle. The main reason for it was that she couldn’t ride a bike. We asked how she transported her fabrics now and she told us that she used a taxi motorcycle to transport her fabrics in bags and baskets from her house to the tailoring workshop. She used a car to go to the bigger city (Kisumu) and a taxi minivan to go to the neighbor town Ahero.