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Protash Gone

Protash Gone – 17 years old


The second interview took place a couple of houses next up. After trying to address a very welcoming lady she took us to her son, since the language barrier seemed to be a too big of an issue. At first he was going to be her translator, but eventually Protash was the one answering the questions. Again after being invited into their house, Protash was very willing to give his opinion. This time besides us, Protash and most of his siblings and parents were also in the room.

Protash is a high school student familiar with the SRI. “I can come to the library, as long as it is free. I would come there during the holiday when I am not in school. The Internet café I wouldn’t use.” he reckons, “For the rest of my family it would depend, some of them cannot read.”

He is very opinionated in the way to go about learning and teaching. “It is difficult to push people into learning and reading. You should have games, like basketball, at the pavilions. So kid can play and be together and then don’t feel forced to go and study in the library, but will do it because they want to.”  Also, he says, the new generation is forced to learn too much. In his eyes the elder people now see the benefits of education and force their kids to do so, which makes the kids unmotivated.

“During the day most people have jobs, mainly the boys and man. They work at the lake, fishing. The woman stay at home. The young ladies are very influenced by the boy/girl relation, they see outdoor games and going to the library as a ‘Western activity’.  “Maybe if you have indoor games they would come “, is his statement when we ask him about all the ladies in the house. He also asks if the library would be free for the young kids, implying the mothers would bring them there if this would be the case. “It is hard to get some extra money in our pockets, it all depends on my brothers. They work mainly to get food.”

When we ask him more specifically about the fishing his brothers do, he gives us some useful information. “They mainly walk to transport their goods. If it is too much, they hire a motorbike. Containers are used to transport the fish. It is only a small distance. They fish they catch we sell or use ourselves.”