SR collection

Market Research

In this collection the various interviews held in the Okana area are exposed. These gave an insight to what the Okana community knows and expects from the resource centre.

Before thinking about what the pavilions should offer, there needs to be researched what the Okana community actually wants.  Extensive market research was done in Okana by taking several interviews. To research both the feasibility of the resource centre as well as of the BamGoo a separation was made in what questions were asked. Using the following questions as a guideline will give insight in what the Okana community knows about the resource centre so far and about the probability of them making use of the center and the different facilities it offers. As for the BamGoo, the main focus is seeing if the design will meets the needs of the target group. Lastly, research was done one what the state of the bikes commonly used to see how the BamGoo can best be attached.

Resource centre:

  • Have you heard about SRI? And about the resource centre?
  • Why would you come to the resource centre? And when?
  • How often would you buy a school uniform?
  • How often would you come and read books?
  • What kind of books would you like to read?
  • How long would you like to borrow the books?
  • Would you like to read in English or Swahili?
  • Would you register?
  • Would you mind paying a fee for renting a book?
  • How often would you like to use the internet?
  • What would you do online?
  • What would you use the computer for besides browsing?
  • Would you like to print documents?


  • Where are the goods transported to?
  • Is using a bike a comfortable way of transporting goods?
  • What else would you like to transport by bike?
  • How does your produce come to here?
  • Where can you get a bike?
  • Does everyone have a bike?
  • Where is a bike used for mostly?
  • How long is the lifespan of a bike?


After going into Okana targeting peoples at their homes, at the market stands and even at the corner store, these interviews were processed into the following articles. Due to language barrier and since not all questions apply to all people, some are more elaborate than others. Despite this some valuable information has been gathered that will be used in self-sustaining this resource centre and implementing the BamGoo.