SR collection

Introduction in cross-cultural entrepreneurship (OER)

In this collection eight short lectures are made available as a summary of cross-cultural entrepreneurship. Cross-cultural entrepreneurship answers the question: how to improve the management style of SMEs in a different cultural and institutional setting.

In eight 10 minute lectures the reader with familiarized with some important concepts and approaches in cross-cultural entrepreneurship. Content:


1. Value related management problems

2. Values at the crossroads: past, future, inside and outside

3. Communitarianism and individualism, hierarchy and egalitarianism

4. Voluntarism, sequential time management, attitude towards labor

5. Universalism and particularism

6. Civil society versus gated networks

7. Choices in doing business once again

8. The role of religion in sociology and business ethics

In each article a movie is included with an exposition of the content of the article.

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