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Estimated price of wooden house in Esperanza

for this research the team took a standard house in Esperanza and calculated how much it would costs. Furture projects can addapt their model houses of bamboo so it matches in prize.

Estimated price of a regular wooden house in Miskito region

To stimulate people in the use of bamboo first the price of a regular wooden house had to estimated. After talking with several locals and Henky a good guess could be made regarding the price of a regular wooden house. A normal house as people would see many of them in this region, is 5m wide and 9m in length. If people are considering to build a new house, they got two options:

  • They can build their house entirely out of hardwood, which is expensive but durable. The price of hard wood is 12NIO/tablar.

In the Miskito region they make use of tablar as an unity to sell their wood. One tablar is: 1ft*1inch*1inch12.

  • Or they can use partly hard and partly softwood, which is the cheaper option and therefore the less durable one. The price of softwood is 8NIO/tablar.

Foundation costs

The foundation should have at least 12 foundation posts, three rows of four posts. These foundation posts are key for the building and have to be made of hard wood. The posts will be dug in the ground and are always in contact with the ground as long as they are in use, softwood will rot in a couple of months. Furthermore as a foundation of the roof 10 additional columns are necessary on top of the foundation. Here, people can chose if they want soft or hardwood. All posts are 8ft by 4inch by 4inch and have the following prices:

Hardwood, 8ft by 4inch by 4inch: 8*4*412*12=128NIO

Softwood, 8ft by 4inch by 4inch: 8*4*412*8=85,3NIO

Price of 12 foundation posts, hard wood plus 10 columns, hardwood: 22*128NIO=2816NIO

Price of 12 foundation posts, hard wood plus 10 columns, soft wood: 12*128NIO+10*85,3=2389NIO

Floor plus two long walls

For the floor people always use hardwood. The floor is the most used part of the building, with people walking on it every day and the daily forces produced by furniture and other materials/tools. Therefore the floor has to be made of hardwood. For the walls one can decide if they would like hard or softwood, depending on one’s budget. The measures of the planks used for the floor and walls are the same and should be around the 8ft by 12inch by 1,5inch and the following prices are used:

Hardwood, 8ft by 12inch by 1,5inch: 8*12*1,512*12=144NIO

Softwood, 8ft by 12inch by 1,5inch: 8*12*1,512*8=96NIO

With a total width of the building of 5m, which is more or less 16ft and a total length of the building of 9m, which is 30ft, the floor needs at least 2 rows of 30 planks of 8ft by 12inch by 1,5inch. The same can be taken in assumption for the walls, but regard only the two longer sides of the building.

Price of 4 *30 planks for walls and floor, hard wood: 4*30*144NIO=17880NIO

Price of 2 * 30 planks for floor, hard wood plus 2 * 30 planks for walls, soft wood: (2*30*144NIO)+(2*30*96NIO)=14400NIO

Walls on the shorter sides

The shorter side of the building is 5m, which is 16,5ft. This means you should at least have 17 planks of 8ft by 12inch by 1,5inch to cover a single side.

Price of 2 *17 planks for walls, hard wood: 2*17*144NIO=4896NIO

Price of 2 * 17 planks for walls, soft wood: 2*17*96NIO=3264NIO

While until now people could decide whether they want soft or hardwood for some parts of the building, from now on all parts should be made of hardwood as they have a function where some quality is needed.

Supporting beams of foundation

The building needs to have at least 12 supporting beams of hardwood with the following measures 15ft by 4inch by 2inch.

Hardwood, 8ft by 12inch by 1,5inch: 15*4*212*12=120NIO

Price of 12 supporting beams of hardwood: 12*120=1440NIO

Total price for foundation of the roof

The construction of the roof needs at least the following beams and columns:

  • For the slanted part of the roof, 16 beams of 12ft by 4inch by 2inch are used.

Hardwood, 12ft by 4inch by 2inch: 12*4*212*12=96NIO

Price of 16 supporting beams of hardwood: 16*96=1536NIO

  • 8 Horizontal beams of 8ft by 4inch by 2inch.

Hardwood, 8ft by 4inch by 2inch: 8*4*212*12=64NIO

Price of 16 supporting beams of hardwood: 8*64=512NIO

  • 4 Vertical roof beams of 4ft by 4inch by 2inch.

Hardwood, 4ft by 4inch by 2inch: 4*4*212*12=32NIO

Price of 16 supporting beams of hardwood: 4*32=128NIO

Total price

After summing up all these costs, you will come up with the following total prices for a regular house in Esperanza. However there must be realized these are the costs without labor costs taken in account:

House entirely made of hardwood: 28608NIO, (approximately €950,-)

House partly made of hard and softwood: 23669NIO (approximately €790,-)

Costs of roof

Furthermore, the construction needs a roof to give people shelter against storms and rain. In Esperanza there are two options regarding the roof, you can either build a roof of Suhita, palm leaves, or a roof of prefabricated sink roofs.

  • A building of 9m by 5m needs at least 36 prefabricated corrugated sink sheets to cover the roof of the building.

Price of one corrugated sink sheet: 500NIO

Price of 36 sheets: 36*500NIO=18000NIO

  • To cover a roof of suhita it is needed to weave the palm leaves on small bamboo rules before they can be attached to the roof. For the roof there are at least 48 rows of 30ft of suhita necessary and suhita can be bought for 5NIO/ft.

Total price of a suhita roof: 48*30*5NIO=7200NIO