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Price of bamboo in El Rama

Market research on the price of bamboo in a city in Nicaragua

Price of bamboo El Rama

The price of bamboo differs strongly, in one region bamboo can cost almost nothing and in another region the price can be absurdly high. This fluctuations depend mostly on the amount of available bamboo and wood in that specific region. In regions with low amounts of lumber the prices of bamboo are relatively low and vice versa. To come up with good prices for the bamboo produced by the bamboo factory it is useful to have information regarding to bamboo prices in other regions in Nicaragua.

As Henky, the carpenter/advisor of the project, lives in Nicaragua for almost 25 years - he lived the biggest part in El Rama - he is a reliable source regarding to bamboo and lumber prices. With his experience he gathered throughout the years he learned a lot about wood and bamboo, which made him a real expert. In El Rama most of the forest has already been cut by farmers in the past years, causing in increasing lumber prices. Bambu Social reacted on this soaring lumber prices and started their first project, they made a model house of bamboo in El Rama. While bamboo can be grown relatively easy the bamboo price stays quite low compared with wood.

The most updated lumber price in El Rama for soft wood is 8NIO per feet and for hard wood this is 12NIO per feet.

In El Rama three types of untreated bamboo are being sold:

  • Guadua Amplexifolia, which is 20NIO/bamboo
  • Dendrocalamus Hasper, which is 80NIO/bamboo
  • Gigantocloa, which is 50NIO/bamboo

One bamboo is more or less sold as one piece of 6 meters, while most of the treating baths are around the 6 meters in length. In El Rama the bamboo business is more developed than in Esperanza. The different types of bamboo are sold for lower and higher prices, depending on their qualities as a material. For example Hasper is more durable and stronger than Guadua Amplexifolia and is therefore sold for a higher price.