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Report Week 12

this is the final week of our stay in Molo. This week saying goodbye and finishing the report stood central.

Monday, January 23

On Monday we had a meeting, directly after we started working on the report. In the afternoon we met with Emmanuel, from Track 1. He wanted to meet with us to get advice on his business ideas. He came together with his friend Manuel. They want to start a tailoring company, and they already had to schools that wanted them to make uniforms. The guys wanted to take off from 0 to 100 in one month, we advised against this.


Tuesday, January 24

We were busy typing the report until 17u. Thereafter we met with Gaylord Gitau, at his place. We invited two young guys who we wanted to propose as addition to the existing board, since they themselves were looking for youth to make the board 2/3 youths. On the agenda was an evaluation of the Festival Day, the proposed change of the board and the plans for the future and continuation. Also, we said goodbye to each other.


Wednesday, January 25

On Wednesday, besides working on the report, we met with everyone from track 1 at our place, together with Kevin. We wanted them to meet each other, and to tell them about the proposal for continuing the group for the coming months. It was a very nice meeting.


Thursday, January 26

Today would be the last day that we were able to work on the report in Molo. Besides this, we met with brother Peter and Thomas, and also with Sister Wanda. We earlier proposed to the brothers to add to people to the coordinating group, they were open for this. Sister Wanda and Kevin were our options, both were very willing. The meeting was about their collaboration in the future. After that we had a goodbye supper at the Sisters.


Friday, January 27

Friday was our last (full) day in Molo. We used it to rent bikes and visit every person and organizations that have been a contribution, a collaboration or just a friend. We also handled the last things to make sure a smooth handover was going to be the case.


Saturday , January 28

After packing our bags we left to Nairobi, to the Xaverian Brothers in Karen. Sunday and Monday, January 29 and 30 Sunday and Monday we used to further finish the report.


Tuesday, January 31

In the evening of Tuesday we left to the Netherlands. The adventure in Africa is over. To conclude: every day and night we used to finish the report. It was a tight schedule, but it worked out well: everything was taken care of in time. The handover of the project went successful, we left it in (multiple) capable hands. The time in Kenya was amazing, but now the end of it is here.

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