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Report Week 11

one of the last weeks of Kenya. This week was all about executing the tracks, making sure the continuation is secured, and writing on the report.

Monday, January 16

On Monday we had a meeting with Wycliffe, a local football coach. We asked him to host this
meeting, to see if it was possible to get a football competition off the ground. Eventually a meeting with five other coaches and referees took place. The first draft of the organization of the competition was ready. We decided to meet again next Friday with all of the potential footballteams.


Wednesday, January 18

On Wednesday we had a meeting with Kevin at 17u and with Br. Peter and Thomas at 19u. With Kevin we spoke about his lecture that was coming up, next Saturday. Also, we asked him if he wanted to be the coordinator of Track 1. He was very happy that he was asked, ‘it is an honor!’. During supper we spoke with the two brothers the continuation of track 2, which we hoped they would take on them. The first meeting about this topic took place at the end of December. They, finally, told that there are willing to take a coordinating role.


Thursday, January 19

On Thursday we met with everyone from Track 1, from 10-18u. Today was about track 1 only, to really have enough time to learn them soft skills like debating, discussing, googling and presenting. Three of the six were not able to come though.


Sunday, January 22

This morning we hosted a football training for the winning team (Kibunja) of the football tournament in December. The meeting started three hours later. In the afternoon a meeting with Wycliffe and the others coaches and referees took place, including all of the invited and interested football captains (except for 1). The meeting was about the organization of the ‘Kuresoi Premier League’. It went surprisingly well, especially since the topic finances was expected to be hard. Eventually the meeting was very good and everyone agreed on the setup.


To conclude: a week full of typing and meeting people. It was a good week, it seems like there is a lot of fertile soil for the project to continue in all of her ways.

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