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Report Week 10

Tuesday evening, we discussed a day full of disappointments. The afternoon started with a meeting with track 1. We had asked them if they could make a first draft of their business plan while we where on holiday for two weeks. In the middle of the holiday they had even called us that they were together to discuss the assignment. When we met on Tuesday it emerged that they had not understood what we had asked them and that they had written few on paper. Our idea did not come through thoroughly. Afterwards we met with track 2. The attendance disappointed us a little bit. In total there were 9 people presented eventually. This raised the question if it is possible to gather people for this purpose. Is it possible to bring people together and get them committed for the purpose of track 2 without money, food, dance or music? Are they aware of the importance of education. We are still searching for the right way to approach track 2 and what would be a good size to handle.

Secondly, we called with Gaylord today to confirm the appointment of tomorrow. He was astonished by the fact that the youth festival was already next Saturday. He thought that is was a week later. This confirmed again that time and planning are something difficult in Kenya, even for an educated man as Gaylord. Even for Faustus, a well educated youngster, is time a difficult matter. If you have an appointment at 10 am it is possible to go to the barber to shave your hair and arrive at 11:30.. 

Another conversation we had this week went about the continuation of track 1. It seemed difficult to learn them about starting up a business and execute it with them in the short time that was left. We did not want to force it because we were leaving on the 31th. That could not be fruitful. Instead of this we wanted to develop them as persons in life/soft skills. Because the youth in track 1 are the more educated youth of this area this means unfortunately as well that they are not always available. They have work and have to work to have food at the end of the day. The period of the project is from November to January. Normally, this year was an exception, the students are free in December. Mainly because this is the month in which most people harvest their crops.    

Ideally would be to find a group of about 12 youngsters who are committed and have enough time for the project. The fact remains in this area that sometimes youth does not show up because their parents demanded them to do something else or something else crossed their path. This group has to be chosen on their availability. Students normally are in school until 4/5 pm and people who are working are two or three parts of the week to much. To goal of the group is to open their (entrepreneurship) mind and to teach them about life/soft skills. With a smaller group there could be worked on starting a business. In addition, their parents could be informed about the project to make them aware of the importance of it. This group could work as an example for the area where people want to be part of. On the side track 3 could be continued to unite the community where not much happens nowadays.

Youth Festival 

Saturday was the second event of track 3 with as goal to unite the people and to bring them together. The preparation was very chaotic in the beginning but eventually fell everything into place. Mainly this was because we worked together with RiAfriBa. In order to organize such a big event, it is important to collaborate with local organizations. They know the Kenyan culture, know where things can be handled and have a big network in the area. At the end it was RiAfriBa who arranged the last thing with some calls. Not to forget they need people to stimulate and activate them in order to organize such events. On the day itself we did a step back to see whether RiAfriBa was capable of organizing such a day since they have to organize this more often hopefully. we had mainly a facilitating roll which turned out to work quite well. The day began with a workshop from MasterPeace and MindTransformAfrica about peacebuilding and the importance of unity towards the coming elections. They did the workshop with 40 youths who attended but end up with more than 60 youths It was a bit difficult to combine the music to energize the other people who attended because the workshop could not use loud music. Other things that stood out during the event or we want to note down for the coming events are:


  • The event took place on the field of a secondary school. This accounted for a immediate number of youths after the classes where over.
  • This time we did thought of security what benefited the day. The security man from the school took care over a lot of things beside security and put al lot of materials aside we did not think of. This lead to that we had all our materials left at the end of the event.
  • When you need power for an event, make sure that there is a generator available in cause of a power drop out.
  • The promote the event we made use of 20 posters in the area, texting and calling our network, spread the message via the local radio and a announcement on a burial, which is common in this area. Beside this channels word spreads quite easily in this area via word-to-mouth.
  • Because the event lasted all day it was important to think about food. We solved this problem and to stimulate local entrepreneurship by inviting some locals to sell their goods during the event. Fruit, candies, cake and mandazi could be bought for less than 5 shilling.
  • Besides food people need to drink. Because we did not know everything we had bought expensive bottles of water and soda for the event. On the day itself RiAfriBa came with 20 litres of a very cheap alternative for only 250 shilling by buying jerry cans of water and lemonade (juice).
  • In general, an event like this will not meet your expectations. It is a good idea to put op a framework with the Kenyans but do want to control the eventually executions.
  • A volleyball and football can help to let people from different groups play together. They have to play together because there is only one ball.
  • The biggest question is maybe how to take care of the financial part of an event. The total costs where 3500 KES for the sound system, 400 KES for the advertisement via the radio, 200 KES for water and lemonade, 2000 KES for our alternative water and soda, 800 KES for the cups and rope and 500 KES for the fuel. Besides we took the ball with us we already had.


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