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Report Week 7

The last week before we’ll go on a holiday. A long week full of activities, like always.

Monday 19th of December

This week we have planned a meeting with Track 2 on Tuesday about how to do research, and a meeting with Track 2 on Thursday. On Thursday we planned Michael Kamande to come. He is from VillageCapital and will learn the youth about entrepreneurship.


Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday we planned a meeting at 14u. We still asked them to come, they said ‘yes’ in big numbers. It is the second week of lectures and we are motivated to learn them a lot. On 14u there was only one person. Forty minutes later only nine. We were very disappointed because of this. We decided to not do the lecture as planned, but sit down with everyone that was present to talk about the why so many people are not here.


As a result:

  • People say it is too far. Our opinion: we think this is very strange, we asked them before and Baraka was a fine location. 
  • Some say they informed Faustus about being late. He did not tell us this.
  • A lot of people say they don’t know
  • People admit they are very poor time managers. They have no idea about time. 
  • People say that a lot of times during the day they get chores by parents or others, and they have to do it, no choice.
  • A lot of people might not come anymore because they expect and want entertainment to be there. ‘Entertainment can bring more youth’. Others say this should not be necessary to gather people.




  • You can’t trust people when they say want they want or need, like with the location.
  • Faustus is not always telling us all the updates; he is not aware of how useful this is to us.
  • people admit that when you ask them to be somewhere at 15u, you need to ask them to be there 14u.
  • you can never be sure about people, since for a lot of them jobs during the day turn up that they can not refuse to do.
  • youth want entertainment. Their interest gets much lower when there is no music or dancing (or food or money) when something is organised.
  • ’school is a party’ - Jonah



General conclusion:

People do not see that this is a great opportunity for them. They invest their free time in a lecture without entertainment and clear benefit. They don’t think that is useful.


  • They are not motivated enough to come.
  • A fact is no fact here, only an assumption. You can not rely on anything.
  • problems here: sense of time, planning, jealousy, importing stuff instead of producing yourself, innovation.



→ On tuesday evening we gave a lecture about the netherlands to a youth camp, of Fidelis.


Reflection meeting on Wednesday

Now what? Two choices:

  • create more entertainment and more on their level to gather youth, for, eventually a serious meeting.
  • Forget about the so called ‘unserious’ and focus on the (few) that do come.

If people do not show up after multiple calls and texts, then we will forget about them. We do focus on the ones present. We will ask them when they can come, also in January because schemes have changed then.


  • the only way to find things out and to be able to conclude things is by experimenting: we have thought youth about research, this is the only way that works for us in Molo. So: lets use our time by trying out as much as possible, that is our way to work (also for next year). That is why we will conclude this:
  • we try to find another location, like the sec. school mucherwe. Closer to Casino.
  • We move the time from 14u to 15u (but we announce 14:30).

Wednesday morning meeting with RiaFriba


  • evaluation of the football tournament:

  • From our side we thougt they could have done more prior to the event. We were the ones that bought and planned all of it. They came to the pitch at 10am while the event started at 10am.
  • Gaylord thinks his organisation contributed a lot to the whole day. We do not agree since for us preperation is 100% part of the whole thing. On the day itself they were great.
  • A lot of youth asked us for food and money. Gaylord tells us that youth had other expectations: normally these events are intiated by politicians who give food and money to get votes and be able to speech (us: that explains)
  • the ref’s expect to be paid also (us: my goodness)
  • people expect a physical and valuable price (us: who will pay for that?)
  • next time, we need security (us: agreed)
  • the football was stolen by someone from the winning team.

Conclusion: RiaFriba, just lilke all Kenyans, start doing things when they arrive at the event. Preperation is a hard thing for them. This turns out fine, by the way, a lot of times. You should not expect things to go super smooth, since the preperation is not done. But the event turned out fine, because no one expects a smooth event. This is partiallly true: everyone took the whole event super serious, referees and linesman and so forth were crucial to them.

  • New Track 3 event

We want to start a new event, and give them more ownership to see if they can handle such a thing themselves, since we will leave soon. We want them to be capable, and also check if we want to continue collaborating. We need them to have the ownership, also because of the continuation. We came up with a day in a format that is repeatable (maybe every 4/6/8 weeks). A fun day, a youth festival, with sports and music and fun and food and drinks and a talentshow. We agreed that we make  a proposal and they do stuff when we are gone. Check the sent email of friday for more info.

  • football competition

Last week we came up with this, together. We are interested is starting this up, would be nice for the teams around Molo. But: this is not our core business, it is at the edge of Track 3 (which is 3 with a reason). We have spoken with Wycliff, a coach, he is interested in starting it up.

We want them both to start this, with other interested people. We can not lead this, but we want to help as much as we can. Wycliff is not a fan of RiaFriba though, because of the past. We need to try bringing them together. We are critical for another reason: only existing teams benefit, the youth with ripped clothes and no education and perspective, our target group, is not really similar to these guys in teams (with already a circle of people that can help them, etc.).

  • critical question to check their motivations and intentions

Like all things in Molo, every person and organisation has criticasters and people that have positive things to say about is. RiaFriba is no difference.

An example: we heard they need ID’s of youth before they can sign up. We asked: they said they needed it to register at the government. Stuff like that. Also: Jared is assistent of a politician, he is constantly (but not annoyingly) trying to get politicians involved. We do not want that (uitleggen, kader in rapport over maken). Gaylord: let’s not do that. Duidelijk.

RiaFriba: we want ⅔ of the board to be youth.


In the afternoon we called Michael to say is 15u possible? Because unfortunately we found out our youth is only available from 15u. He said this was too late for him, so he couldn’t come anymore. We will postpone this session. The reason our youth cannot come 14u is because a lot of them work on the chamba’s in the holiday. This is a problem: we need to have a guest speaker tomorrow, we said this everywhere. We called Faulu: she was enthusiast, they will come.




We have made a continuation proposal. This morning a meeting with Br Peter and Br Thomas to inform them and ask them to pick up the glove. our proposal:

General: how to stay in contact when we are in the netherlands? (social media, all kinds of forms)


Track 3:

er moet wat georganiseerd blijven worden. Competitie, maar ook gewoon unifying door RiaFriba. Idee: Een keer per maand buurtdag voor jeugd, kampvuur erbij -> in de proposal.


  • prima als riafriba dit volledig gaat oppakken? (met ons op afstand?)


Track 2:

Losvaste groep. Coorindator(en) met groot netwerk. Thomas en Peter zitten bij de kerk en die kennen veel mensen.

  • kunnen ze zelf verhalen brengen?
    • welke onderwerpen
  • kennen ze mensen die dit nog meer zouden kunnen?
  • visiedocumentje, vage planning voor komende maanden
  • hoe gaan ze de jeugd samenbrengen? Samenwerken met Faustus die de communicatie doet?
  • steven en agnes en anderen die hier kunnen aansluiten, bijdragen?

Track 1:

Capabale persoon met kennis die ze blijft begeleiden: Kevin



Our start for the holidays. Two weeks off.

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