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Report Week 5

This was a busy week of which Ivo and Jochem each were ill for 4 days but we went to a lot of different activities to learn about the Kenyan Culture: final vows of three Fransican brothers, a graduation party of a new friend of ours and thanks given with the sisters of the Incarnate Word in Njoro. Besides these activities to emerge in the culture we had some useful meetings with brother Peter and Riafriba, we evaluated the needs assessment of last week and we set-up a great kick-off for the people of track 1 and track 2.

On Monday we defined the three tracks we are going to work with to coming weeks. Including the possible places, days, guest speakers. Eventually we came up with:        

  • Track 3: unifying all the youth of Molo by organising fun activities for them. 3 times during our stay
  • Track 2: Empower the youth by facilitating lectures/workshops/cases/seminars and open their minds. 1 time a week
  • Track 1: Guide a small group of really enthusiastic and capable youth of Molo (who are also in track 2) with their business idea and bring the theoretical knowledge into practice. 1 time a week besides the meeting with track 2


Location: Our house in Molo
Attendance:  Brother Peter, Chris and Jochem
Date: Tuesday the 6th of December
Subject: The meeting with Riafriba tomorrow 

 This morning we met with brother Peter in the morning. Unfortunately, Ivo could not attend because he had to take some extra rest. About a week ago we asked brother Peter to find out what the intentions of the people behind Riafriba were. This because we heard some rumours about their intentions, that they may use this youth group to benefit of themselves and because their vision document raised a lot of questions, especially the financial part. Brother Peter had heard a story about David Kiriaki, one of the officials, that he had set-up an initiative for widows before but that this initiative did not exist anymore and that David Kiriaki himself used the land that was given to the widows. He advised us to be very careful with them because he was not entirely sure about their intention/motivation. We agreed with brother Peter that we should give them a chance and organise two or three unifying activities together with them for track 3.


Location: the colonial house in Casino
Attendance:  Ivo, Chris, Jochem, Faustus, David Kiriaki, Gaylord, their chairman, brother Peter.
Date: Wednesday the 7th of December
Subject: possible collaboration                                                                                                                                      

This meeting we talked together with the so called officials of RiAfriBa about a possible collaboration. We were a bit careful with our words because we were aware of the warning brother Peter gave the day before. Because it is a big problem in the are that most people do not trust each other we did not immediately accept that the intention of Riafriba were indeed wrong and we wanted to give them a chance. We proposed to work together on unifying the youth, our track 3, because when their intentions were indeed wrong it could not harm much since this was not a fixed group we wanted to work with. The entrepreneurial and mind-opening track we wanted to keep with the sisters and the TU Delft because we did not doubt about our own intentions. From the beginning Riafriba was very enthusiastic about collaboration on unifying the youth. About their vision paper they said that they had to make a paper to register the group at the government but that they were very open for adjusting it. Every input was more than welcome. At the end we agreed on organising a football tournament together with them. Later this day we made a proposal for the football tournament and sent this to Riafriba and made the final plan for the kick-off with the youth from track 1 and 2.

On Friday we had the official kick-off with track 1 and 2 at the house of the father of Faustus. We organised an informal evening with a small serious part to explain our ideas and ask them some practical questions. We began with some music and football after which we had the small serious part. Afterwards we cooked a meal for everybody who attended, let a small bonfire and putted the music on again. Later in the evening all the neighbours appeared and we had a nice evening. The surprising fact was that at the serious part 23 of the 23 invited youth were present.

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