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Marketing plan

In order to have a good business, a marketing plan is required. In this article the goal of marketing is given and the unique selling points of the Chameleon services are described. Besides this, different marketing strategies for the home delivering service, mobile vending and the advertisement space are given.


The aims of marketing are:

/ Increasing awareness of the Chameleon

/ Increase customers for the Chameleon.


The marketing material should make the inhabitants of Jinja familiar with the multiple services of the Chameleon. They are aware of the fact that they can buy fresh and cooled products from the e-tricycle and that there is an option for grocery delivery. Chameleon will become a common brand in the Jinja community. The logo and colours will be recognized throughout Jinja. Besides this, the vendor is wearing a Chameleon T-shirt and has Chameleon business cards. With the popularity of the Chameleon the brand awareness of CooP-Uganda will also increase. Customers know that they support the social projects of CooP-Uganda by using the services of the Chameleon.


In general the Chameleon will market itself a lot. An e-tricycle is completely new in Jinja and this will attract a lot of attention. The way of painting is also very unique here in Jinja. Inhabitants of Jinja will recognize the Chameleon brand and will talk about it with each other. It’s important to have a very high quality of the products which will be sold. The driver of the Chameleon should also be very friendly to his customers and create a nice and reliable relationship. Because of the pedal assistance, the mobility of the Chameleon is high. It can drive through Jinja in one day, this will result in more attention and therefore more awareness.  A flyer/poster is designed which can be used to market the Chameleon. This flyer explains the whole concept of the Chameleon. January 26 the Chameleon will go to the ‘Kayak on the Nile festival’ to start the promotion! Another crazy idea is to involve a famous rapper from Uganda. Dr. Jose Chameleone is an artist in Uganda and with the help of social media he could perhaps increase the awareness of the Chameleon.



The logo of the Chameleon should play an important role in the marketing plan. It is an unique logo and therefore it will attract a lot of attention. Because a Chameleon is able to adapt his colour, the brand name Chameleon is chosen. The Chameleon is able to adapt his function to different needs, for example vending and delivering. The regular logo of the Chameleon is the green/blue logo. Besides this one, there is also a grey and a white logo.  

Home Delivering Service

Awareness of the value proposition of the delivery service is raised by advertisements on Facebook and flyers and posters around town. The marketing material should also state the unique selling points of the delivery service. Reliability, fixed prices, fresh products, delivery on time, hygienic and environmentally friendly are some factors that the potential customers need to know. There is a Facebook Page for all the expats in Jinja which is commonly used by a lot of inhabitants of Jinja. Besides this, there are some very popular restaurants and bars in Jinja town which are good places for posters and flyers such as The Deli, Flavours and Java House. On the marketing documents an attractive title is present, but also an explanation of the Chameleon concept. Moreover, the reader should be made aware of the fact that all the profit made goes to the social projects of CooP-Uganda. An example of a poster. All the marketing material is designed in one typical Chameleon style. This style is accessible for reuse for the coordinator.


Because this service is also interesting for hotels, restaurants and bars, the coordinator should contact some potential partners. The network of the coordinator should be used to get in touch with the right people. A list of potential partners. During meetings, they should be convinced to use the Chameleon as their delivering service.


Mobile vending e-tricycle

Of course by riding around, the Chameleon attracts a lot of attention. Besides that, the Chameleon has a bell that can attract attention and because it is unique it will attract even more attention. The advertisements on the back will also result in more attention. Inhabitants will recognize the activities of the local companies, they will link the well known local company with the Chameleon. Because they have a good experience with the local company, they will have a good initial feeling with the Chameleon. Moreover, the employees of these local companies will talk about the Chameleon because they support such a unique concept in Jinja. All the inhabitants should experience and know that the Chameleon supplies cooler and fresher products. The customer relation for the vending of cooled products will depend on the type of customers, there will be both regular and random customers. There has to be a form of trust that the products are of a good quality.


Because there are a more local companies in Jinja that are interested in vending their cooled products on different place in Jinja, the network of the coordinator should be used to get in touch with those companies. When this potential partner is enthusiastic about the idea, the coordinator should arrange an agreement and make everything ready for the vendor. A flyer is made that the coordinator could bring,


Advertisement space

The possibility of advertisement is made clear by having meetings with potential customers. This is also done by the Coordinator. Because CooP has a big network in Jinja, it won’t be hard to sell the places on the back of this eye catching new product. To convince the potential customers during a meeting or just to make them interested, there is a flyer available including the prices of the advertisement. When other companies see the advertisement of their competitors, they will also get interested in the advertisements. So driving around in Jinja is still a very good way to market.


Note. Since the grocerie delivery service has not been tested yet, it is recommended to start with the marketing for the vending of products. If a pilot turns out that the grocery service is profitable as well, the marketing for this service should start.


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