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This evaluation determines the quality and quantity of the value within the project of the Chameleon. Discussed are how things went within the project team, but also the cooperation with CooP-Uganda, communication with people from the market research and other companies.

Market research

Overall, the market research went pretty good. Sometimes vendors of Central Market did not feel like talking to us but since there were a lot of vendors, it did not really matter. In general, managers of hotels and restaurants were very open about their business and were happy to share it with us. Also people from the lower, middle and higher class were easy to talk to. Because the research went well, good conclusions could be made afterwards. Starting a conversation by showing interest in the other person really worked. Also, explaining the idea and what would be done with the information people shared, helped in the process of getting information.



The modification self went pretty good as well. Stephen has helped us a lot through the modification. He gave insights which stimulated a good design for the Chameleon itself. Stephen even came on his free day to complete the Chameleon on time. There were some points which could have been better, though. The material of the workdesk is quite brittle, using another material in the future is advisable. Doing some more research on the material would have prevented us from buying the wrong material in the first place.  



The owner of Danbus Dairy was very friendly and thought with us about the pilot and marketing of the Chameleon. However, there were some points in the contract for the pilot that worried him all of a sudden and caused more delayal. He thought that the terms and agreements of the responsibilities for damages were too strict and came with that just before the pilot started. Although the contract was sent two weeks before the pilot, it would have been better if these problems would be anticipated on. Eventually the contract was not even signed. This should have been better arranged, if something happened, the question about responsibility was very difficult.


The boy who would drive the Chameleon during the pilot was friendly and picked up the driving skill of the Chameleon pretty quickly. Being on time, however, was not his strongest point. The fact that people in Uganda tend to come late shouldn’t have been surprising.

Fortunately it didn’t affect the results of the pilot.



The team had to cope with some setbacks during the project. Some deadlines were not made when they should. The Chameleon was not ready on time to do the pilot as planned, this had direct consequences for the pilot itself. The pilot of the grocery delivery service is not done as was intended and therefore there aren’t any results on this service. The pilot of the vending services was also to short to get significant results. The modification was delayed because the approval for the modification cost more time than anticipated. Also the controller of the Pedi-Teksi was broken, trying to repair this took a lot of time and eventually the choice was made to use the frame of a working Pedi-Teksi. The pilot of the vending service did happen and gave a good conclusion although the duration of this pilot was short. A new pilot for the delivery service should be done by CooP-Uganda itself and the pilot of the vending service should be extended.

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