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In this project a new purpose for the unused Pedi-Teksi had to be found. With this new purpose, income should be generated to support the social projects of CooP-Uganda. For this project to succeed, research had to be done to whether a new idea for the Pedi-Teksi would be feasible, whether the Pedi-Teksi could be modified and whether it would be possible to generate a profit with the new business. The way how, and all the documents necessary for the business have been drafted in order for the business to start off.


The market research has pointed out that there is a big enough demand to set up a grocery delivery service as well as setting up a vending service for cooled products. The delivery service will initially be for residents but when the business is going well, this can be expanded to a delivery for hotels, restaurants and guesthouses. The vending service will focus on products that have to be cooled, for instance smoothies, ice cream and yoghurt. There are various companies who provide such products and would be interested in a cooperation. The two services can be combined and the combination of these different purposes is will be the foundation for the new business called the Chameleon.

The market research has also revealed that although there are multiple interested parties, the price of the Chameleon is too high. For this reason, the Chameleon will stay property of CooP-Uganda and CooP-Uganda will run the business. A new vendor has to be hired to execute this and a coordinator will supervise the business.


With some idea’s that were formed during the market research, different designs for the modification were made and one is executed successfully. This design has the following features:


/ A refrigerator with a capacity of 35 litre

/ Two storage spaces

/ Two work desks

/ A garbage bin

/ A battery for the fridge

/ A controller for the fridge

/ A battery for the engine

/ A enlarged hood

/ A Chameleon color frame

/ The Chameleon logo on the frame

/ An explanation sticker

/ Space for external advertisement

/ A bell to attract attention


The pilot, that was run after the modification was finished, has proven that the Chameleon works and the modifications are an improvement. Also the batteries lasted the whole day and the refrigerator worked good. There are some recommendations to improve the Chameleon:


/ A place for the bell

/ Secure the shelves better and replace with a better material

/ Mirrors to look around the Chameleon

/ A lock on the Chameleon

/ Possibility to advertise the product that is being vended


The pilot also showed that the sales go up when using the Chameleon. This is due to the fact that the Chameleon has a noticeable appearance and therefore attracts a lot of attention. The pilot has also proven that a proactive sales technique influences the sales significantly.


From the financial chapter in the business plan it appeared that the Chameleon will be profitable. On average, the monthly profit will be 419.000 USH. Besides the profit, a marketing plan is drafted to increase the awareness of the Chameleon and Coop-Uganda.


In conclusion, with the Chameleon as business, a new purpose for the Pedi-Teksi is found. The Chameleon will provide both a vending as delivery service. Modifications were done to transform the Pedi-Teksi to the Chameleon. This business has been proven successful during the pilot and the financial plan has pointed out that the business is profitable. Therefore the Chameleon will generate an income for CooP-Uganda that can be used to support the social projects.

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