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The impact

Now that the Chameleon has been made and the business is ready to start, it has impact on various people, companies and projects. All the impacts are different of size. A summary of the impact for People, Planet and Profit can be found in Table X.


One of the main impacts is that profit goes straight to the social projects of CooP-Uganda. More money does not only mean that more people can get a bike from CooP-Uganda for their work and school, but it also means that more people can be helped through the Bike4Care project. The business of the Chameleon will become a stable income generator for all of these projects.


Since the Chameleon is property CooP-Uganda and it will get a lot of attention, the familiarity of CooP-Uganda will also grow. In the pilot many people asked already if they could buy the Chameleon. Although the Chameleon is not for sale, they can buy other bicycles CooP-Uganda produces. By telling this, the awareness people of the existence of CooP-Uganda and their products has grown. However, more sold products also means more garbage, which not always end up in the bin.


Another main impact will be that one local person will get a steady job and have a stable income. He/she gets a contract and has a job for over a larger period of time. However, not all impacts are positive. Some people might get envious about that they can not ride such a tricycle.


The Chameleon itself will be electrically driven, that means that no gas will be used. Of course the best option would be if the electricity would be generated by the sun. This is not the case. The ecological footprint is better, but can be improved!


Another impact is that local companies sell more of their products. With a fixed agreed amount of products to purchase they have certainty about selling their products. The products sold on the streets by the Chameleon will get positive attention: the products of these companies are getting sold on an electrical tricycle with a refrigerator on it. This shows that the product is stored well and will give positive attention to the local company.

But these companies will sell more and compete with other companies. These companies might get less customers and sell less because of this.


Also companies can advertise on an unique way. This has a positive effect for the companies as the Chameleon as well. It shows that companies have interest in the Chameleon and that it is worth to invest in. So this will have good reputation. The companies which advertise also have their advertisement on a very special bike, meaning they will get more attention.


If the Chameleon will also deliver groceries, people do not have to go to the supermarket or Central Market themselves. This will save time for these people eventually.


The concept of Chameleon may even reach hotels and restaurant about what it is capable off. These hotels and restaurant may be interested in the use of the Chameleon. This can result in more ways in which the Chameleon can be used for.

Some people may not quickly buy from vendors on the street. However, the Chameleon does look different and somewhat more professional. These people might think different about buying something from the Chameleon.

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