SR collection


This part will describe the impact this project has had, conclusions that can be made, next steps that have to be made to execute the business and an evaluation is given. This way, CooP-Uganda has all the information needed to set up the business of the Chameleon.

The impact describes how the business of the Chameleon will influence CooP-Uganda, individuals and companies. The impact is based on the impact the business has on people, planet and profit.
In the conclusion, the research question that is stated in the introduction is answered. This is whether it is possible to find a new purpose for a Pedi-Teski that is not used. By finding a new purpose, a profit should be generated that will support the social project that CooP-Uganda has. The conclusion concludes that this is possible. The conclusion also discusses the findings of the market research, the modification and the pilot.
In the next steps, an improved design is suggested. Also the way the coordinator and vendor should operate is discussed. The way the business of the Chameleon can expand and a production plan for more Chameleons is discussed.
The evaluation discusses the process. This includes the market research, the modification and the pilot. Besides the process in general, some setbacks that were encountered are discussed. 

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