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Week 13 & 14 # Final report and presentation

Week 13:  

We heard that the village visit will not happen this week. It seems that the machine needs more time to be built. It was too bad that the visit was postponed, because we were looking forward to test the press machine. Thus this week we made sure that the final report was finished.  Next to working on the final report, we started working on the presentation.

This week we did have a nice dinner at Prost. It is located in Indiranagar and serves Western and Indian food. 

Week 14:

Finishing up

Our days consisted up of working on the report and this presentation. For Wednesday the final presentation was scheduled. It was a skype presentation meant for the International Office. We made it a creative meeting by switching between the powerpoint and important papers of us. With the presentation we managed to tell every aspect of our project. 

After the presentation we said our goodbyes to our supervisor, as he had to leave for a few days. Thinking back about everything leaves us in awe. The experience was amazing and really worthwhile. 

The last days

We would leave on Thursday for Kerala, to spend one day at the city Kovalam. It is a coastal town located by the Arabian Sea in the state Kerala. We would meet all the other Indian project groups here, because we would fly out together. 

The name Kovalam has as meaning a grove of coconut trees. The name is very good representative of the city as it shows and endless sight of coconut trees.


Next to the nice beaches, we also went to the elephant rehabilitation center located at Neyyardam. Here we were able to see elephants, who were washed in the lake. We were also right on time to see them being fed.  

As we will fly out on Sunday, we thought it would be nice to have one relaxing night at Kovalam. It only lies 1 hours from Trivandrum.  In this way we could visit another nice and relaxing place in India and not have the risk of missing our flight.    

We had booked one night in a hotel 10 min. from the airport. We went around 8 am to the airport. There a representative of Amrita University would give us our certificates for participating on the internship program. 

The airplane would leave around 10 am and we would arrive around 8 pm in the Netherlands. 

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