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Plan for coordinator

A coordinator is needed to manage the business of the Chameleon. Here the plans for the coordinator are shown.

Procedure of the coordination

First of all, the coordinator will search for a capable vendor. The coordinator should advertize on different ways that work is available. This can be done by an advertisement in the newspaper, via social media and the use of personal network. The coordinator has an eye out for the whole business of the Chameleon. This differs in many ways. So will the finances be done by the coordinator every day (or weekly).  


Marketing for the Chameleon is partly done by the Chameleon itself because of it remarkable appearance. Other companies may also like to sell their products via the Chameleon. These companies need to be reached as well.


The coordinator is also responsible for the extension of the use of the Chameleon. There are more options for it than only delivery to households and vending products on the street. Other options were already discussed in the chapter of the market research such as a delivery service to hotels and restaurants. Marketing also a plays an important role here and the coordinator will be responsible for this. The options for the extension of the Chameleon should be aware of Chameleon. This can be done in the form of email marketing, acquisition by telephone, advertisement on different media or a spontaneous visits. The big network of the coordinator should be used for this.The coordinator is the direct contact person for the vendor. If any problems occur, the coordinator should be able to help.  


For the coordinator has a transfer paper been made, as can be seen in Appendix X. When the project team leaves, there is a clear plan of steps of the Chameleon to do. It also gives advice about the Chameleon.


  • Find a capable vendor with the requirements given
  • Do finances of Chameleon
  • Find more companies to sell products of them
  • Find more potential ways of the use of Chameleon
  • Marketing of Chameleon, see marketing plan of TU Delft students
  • Direct contact person to the vendor
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