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3. Cyclers: Implementation and residents opinions

On Saturday (17th of December) we (Ilse and Evan) went to Assendelft's Christmas Market which was very crowded. We went specifically to do a survey regarding the infrastructural changes necessary to attain a higher level of (perceived) safety as to the cyclists that use the plaza as a shortcut. We proposed these plans, such as the s-curves in the narrow passages, to the residents at the Christmas Market and conducted conversations to gain insight in their personal suggestions/ideas/problem definitions. The only problem we stumbled upon was the fact that people from far and wide, not only from our neighbourhood, were attending the market and thus it was hard to filter those from our residents. Even though this seemed to be the case we were able to speak to various stakeholders and this resulted in positive affirmation of our plans. The concrete plans will be readily available in our intervention article. 

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