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2. Cyclers: First solution proposals and residents opinions

The municipality is already busy with addressing some of the components of the cyclist problem, for instance rebuilding the cycle roads around the shopping area. The main approach was a decentralized and social way of taking action. A part of our approach towards the solution has been be the implementation of co-creation within Assendelft. Co-creation can improve the involvement and willingness of the residents to solve the observed issues and improve the safety of the shopping mall.

The process consisted of four main steps. The first one being, thinking of a solution to the problem. The second step was when we went out on the streets to get the opinion of people on our proposed solutions, in the third step we implemented this and the fourth step was again talking to people. These steps were followed by an intervention which is described in the next segment.


The proposed solutions compared to the situation now, can be seen in the figure below (figure 8, 9 and 10). After talking to residents in and around the area, we discovered that most people are in favor of the first solution.  

This is the current situation.  In this situation residents, shop owners and people who shop in the shopping mall encounter problems with the cyclist who cycle in the area.  In the shopping area there are several places where people can park their bike, however people cycle to this places which is part of the problem. The shopping area is easily accessible and is inviting to cycle in. Especially the side of the ‘Kaaik’, where no other biking lawn is available. Even though some road signs are placed in and around the shopping area, but it does not stop the cyclers.

The first proposed situation is an extension of what the municipality had already proposed. One of the extensions is the removing of the biking parking places. Most of these parking places will be turned one quarter, which makes it easier to park the bikes and forces the cyclist to get off his/her bike earlier on. Another proposal is to place more and clairer pedestrian zone road signs. Lastly, the proposal contains a demarcation of the bridge near the T-junction on the Kaaikpad side.

The second proposed situation is to make the shopping area a shared space. A shared space is an area which is shared between pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic rules will be made by the users, the pedestrians and the cyclists, themselves and this makes everybody more observant. An example of the shared space is Amsterdam Central Station, which proves that the concept works and less accidents happen.


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