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Plan for vendor

For the continuity and the future of Chameleon, a good plan for the actors from CooP who are directly involved has to be written and executed. The vendor is of most importance to keep the business running, he is the face of Chameleon itself. The vendor needs to have certain requirements, he has to be recruited, but also has to be trained in handling the tricycle and communicating with customers. Furthermore, not only a vendor has to be found, but also a coordinator who can keep Chameleon on the right tracks. The coordinator is involved in the process and stabilisation of Chameleon, checks budget, or to develop it even further to more tricycles outside Jinja.

Recruitment procedure

As already been confirmed, the e-tricycle stays property of CooP. Is has also been determined that the vendor will be recruited bij CooP and he/she will get paid with a fixed salary. This vendor has to be found and he/she needs different requirements:


  • Positive and entrepreneurial attitude
  • Well-kept in terms of cleanliness and tidiness
  • Good at improvising solutions
  • Comfortable in changing situations
  • Healthy enough to handle physical challenges
  • Self-managing comfortable taking responsibility
  • Customer friendly
  • A person of sound, mind and solid memory
  • Valid driver’s license or knowledge of road and safety rules and guidelines
  • Experience in driving or motor and bicycle cycling
  • Willingness to attend our 1-day orientation and training
  • Ability to communicate well and fluent in English and Luganda
  • Able to do math and handle money
  • Familiar with Jinja
  • A local who will get a opportunity with this job


The search of the vendor will be done by different channels. This could be either done by asking familiar people within CooP or place an advertisement on Facebook or in the restaurants and bars in JInja. For this job the people interested have to do interviews for the position. Since the vendor will work for CooP, this procedure has to be led by the coordinator of this project. If in possession, the candidates resume will be checked. Furthermore, they will be asked several questions about themselves, socially experiences, past jobs, weak and strong points.


The vendor has a variety of tasks during the day

  • Be on time to begin the day, working days will start at 8:00, so the vendor will be there at that time.
  • Check the tricycle if everything is alright. This also means to make the Chameleon ready to use: install the batteries, load the refrigerator etc.
  • Buy products from contracted companies
  • Sell the products on the street to local people and standard customers
  • Bring back unsold products to the contracted companies
  • Gather groceries for the expats which made order
  • Deliver the groceries to the expats
  • Return the Chameleon to CooP at the end of the day, this can be done when all deliveries are made.
  • Account the money collected and give this to the coordinator. If the coordinator is not there, put in in an envelop with the date and put it inside on the coordinators desk
  • Check the tricycle and put it in the garage. This also includes to put the batteries on charge


Before the vendor can go up the street, he needs to be comfortable with the Chameleon. The training won’t take long and has some similarities with the training for the Pedi-Teksi.

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