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Local companies

The sales went up obviously when using the Chameleon. The biggest difference was noticeable when a direct marketing strategy was used. An aspect that would make the marketing better, would be if it was clear what the Chameleon is vending at the moment. Images or descriptions of the product being vended can be placed on the hood and in the frame. The direct marketing strategy also requires a vendor who is social and not afraid to address people on the street. The price of the products sold should be kept the same. There will be an increase in profit due to the increase in turnover.


The modification of the e-tricycle

The Chameleon with all its functions is working properly. Besides that, it is also easy to use. However, an explanation to the driver is necessary on how the fridge works and how the batteries should be connected. This should be done by the coordinator.

A few alterations would improve the Chameleon;

  1. a place for the bell
  2. the shelves have to be secured better and replaced with a better material
  3. mirrors to look around the Chameleon
  4. a lock on the Chameleon
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