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The pilot will test two different customer segments, the local companies and the residents of the upper class. The business of Danbus Dairy will be used in this pilot to test the feasibility of the local companies and 10 households of the upper class will test the feasibility of the delivery service. Both pilots will last two days and as the customer segments are different, the pilot will be set up in a different way.

The market research has shown there are local companies who would like to use the service of the Chameleon that would buy and then vend their products on the streets of Jinja. One of these local companies will test this and the way the Chameleon works for this purpose during the pilot.

At the moment, Danbus dairy also has a bicycle riding around vending frozen yoghurt on the street. The vendor who usually uses this bicycle will now use the Chameleon. This way a comparison can be made between the normal way and the alternative the Chameleon offers. To make sure this comparison is fair, the vendor should vend during the same hours and use the same route he normally does. During the pilot there also will be a short training on the beginning of the first day. In this training the way the Chameleon works and the idea behind the pilot will be addressed. Moreover, there is some time to practice riding around with the Chameleon.


The way the local companies will be supported by the Chameleon is the following:

/ The Chameleon will be checked by the Chameleon vendor.

/ The Chameleon will go to the local company and buy the products that he will vend

/ Vend the products on the street

/ The Chameleon goes back to CooP. Here the batteries will be charged again, the work desk will be cleaned and a checklist will be filled out to see if everything is still working. 


The following assumptions will be tested during the pilot

/ With the Chameleon, the sales go up in comparison to when the local company sold his products with a regular bike.

/ The products are colder than they used to be and this is how the customers like it.

/ The price of the products can be higher.

/ The workspace is handy.

/ The garbage bin is used.

It is important to have a contract with the local company where the vendor of the Chameleon buys the products he will vend. This way arrangements can be made on the price. As the Chameleon will be a regular customer and is selling the products of the local company on the street, possibilities for a lower price can be researched. This way the profit margins can be higher. The contract should also have an arrangement on what will happen if not all products are vended on the end of the day.


The modification of the e-tricycle

The alterations to change the Pedi-Teski to the Chameleon that are described in the previous chapter are tested on the following assumptions.

/ The tricycle is easy to ride

/ The tricycle is comfortable

/ Batteries for the pedal assistance run for more than 4 hours

/ The batteries of the cooling system run for more than 4 hours

/ The cooling system works

/ Charging the battery works fine

/ Lifting the battery is not too heavy and works fine

/ Having a money box on the Chameleon is an improvement to not using the money box

/ There is enough space to store everything

/ The workspace is usefull

/ The vendor is not exposed to the sun

/ Tricycle is secure when nobody is around

/ The Chameleon is unique in JInja and attracts attention of people

/ External advertisements on the Chameleon attracts peoples attention

/ The checklist is complete

During the pilot, the lifespan of the batteries will also be tested. A charged battery will be ready at the CooP office in case the battery of the Chameleon runs out and the Chameleon is to far away to get back to the office without pedal assistance.

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