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The pilot

With the e-tricycle modified, the pilot is ready to start. The pilot will prove whether the modifications and extra functions the e-tricycle has are working and useful. Besides that, the pilot will also test two potential customer segments of the Chameleon. The two most promising customer segments based on the results of the market research are the residents of the upper class and local entrepreneurs who can sell their products using the e-tricycle.

The Chameleon will be an own branch within CooP. With the modified e-tricycle, services will be executed. As the market research concluded, the Chameleon will focus on a delivery service and a street vending service of products that have to be cooled. The Chameleon will stay in property of CooP. Every day the Chameleon will be picked up here and after performing its tasks, its batteries will be charged and it will be stored in the CooP garage. A new employee of CooP will execute the business. Together with a coordinator from CooP, the vendor will be responsible for the business the Chameleon.

During the pilot different assumptions will be tested. These are assumptions regarding the modification and assumptions that test the feasibility of the business. Besides the assumptions, the way the pilot will be set up is described. In the first part, the results of the pilot will be given. This part will end with a conclusion on whether the pilot was a success and recommendations to improve the business of the Chameleon and the e-tricycle will be given.

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