On YUTPA: Presence and Trust

Spationtemproal trajectories (Thomas Kuhn)

When connecting, and being able to share concepts and language, in communities of practice it is a requirement to recognize each other’s spatiotemporal trajectories. 

Performance of Presence (Butler, Riva Wtaerworth and Waterworth, Nevejan 2007)

When recognizing each other, people perform presence in relation to others. When one trusts the other, one performs presence different to when one does not trust. 

Trade offs for Trust (Nevejan 2007, Nevejan and Brazier 2012 - 2015)

Trust is the result of a trade off between different factors in dimensions of time, place, action and relation. YUTPA framework. One of these factors in the dimension of time is integrating rhythm.

More trust, less expenses, better quality of life (Fukuyama)