On Jan Gehl, Jane Jacobs and possibly other reference(s)

Outdoor activities, and on which notions they depend on, the need for such stimulations in cities. Ownership in the city and the importance of diversity.

Jan Gehl  

Outdoor activities: necessary, optional and social activities

Role of planning and the favourable urban environment. When outdoor areas are poor quality, strictly necessary activities occur.

Importance of spontaneous activities (social activities)

Value of meeting, being present in the same place.

The need for stimulation: living in lifeless cities and residential areas, segregation of city functions, create monotonous and dull environments

Why stimulation is important, and interaction with one another?

What are the favorable conditions for stimulation?

1- Quality of public space

2- Common activities

Catalysts for informal contact situations

1- Opening up different ways of exchanges


Jane Jacobs

Ownership and the city

Street safety and its connection to the residents (eyes on the street)

Importance of communities in a city and governance

Importance of diversity

Different activities and economic activities

Visible city life

Self destruction of the city

Governments’ tendency for preferring more profitable economic models

Possibilities for incremental design in slum areas, rather than cleaning-up approach