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Week 11&12 #Solar panels

Week 11: Solar panels

From our meeting with our supervisor we heard that the fabrication of the die for the areca press machine was giving problems. They were not able to manufacture a die working on gas, this is why electricity will be its energy source for now. However in the village electricity is scarce and will be randomly available during the day. This resulted in the decision to use solar panels.

Thus for this week we studied and researched the workings of solar panels and the different components needed to make a small unit, which is able to give an output of approximately 500 W.

Small units for harvesting solar energy are widely used in rural communities in India. There are various enterprises and NGO’s, which are working with and supplying village in the use of solar energy. This made the information available on this subject easier to find.  

Next to our research into solar panels we started to work on our final report for the TU Delft and Amrita University.   


In the weekend we went to K.R. Market. It's a busy area where all kinds of commodities are sold. That day we came to check out the flower market. It looked and smelled great. 


Week 12: Final report

Last week we wrapped up our research into solar panels and its components.  This meant that we were able to work on our final report this week.  Also this week we are waiting for the completion of the areca press machine. When this machine is built, we will go to the village and test the machine.    



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