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Week 9&10 #Biogas and New Year

Week 9

Biogas digester

Our research into a biogas digester led to two different designs, which were low-cost and made from durable and easily available material, water tanks and some piping. With a proper manual or instruction the villagers could easily build one themselves. Our sketches would be finished by the other part of the project team. The finishing of these design meant that they were simulated into 3D models and be calculated. 




It was Christmas day and we really wanted to celebrate it. Normally we did this at home with family. Thus we decided to celebrate it with a nice Christmas dinner. The other project group from Ettimadai campus in Coimbatore joined along, as they came to Bangalore for a few days. We enjoyed a ten stars five course meal, and really enjoyed the food as well as all the good company!

The dinner was held at the Olive garden 


Week 10: New Year’s holidays

This week was marked as vacation and all the campusstudents were free to go home and celebrate New Year. So we decided with all the project groups in India to go to Hampi and Goa and have an amazing New Years.


Hampi is a village in the state Karnataka. In the village a collection of ruins can be found . Those remains resemble the the city Vijayanagar, the capital city of the Vijayanagar empire. The whole area is declared an UNESCO world heritage site.   




Goa is located on the west coast of India and was a colony of Portugal till 1961. In the buildings there you could see the baroque architecture left by the Portuguese. Also crumbling forts, whitewashed churches and cathedrals where stunning to see. The culture there is a blend of the Indian and Portuguese culture.  

Next to the beautiful surrounding and harmonic vibes in Goa, the food was also amazing. We celebrated New Years with all the other Dutch students in Goa, which was a really good experience. 


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