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Week 7&8 #Reports and weekend trips

Week 7

Data processing

Due to our nice trip to the village we have acquired a lot of useful information. With this information we were able to start on our business plan and feasibility report. In this way we could asses the possibilities and all the different aspects surrounding the business venture of making and selling areca plates.    

Weekend trips   

In the weekend we took some time off to relax and do some sightseeing in Karnataka. 


Gokarna is a small town on the west coast of Karnataka. This temple town is known as one of the seven important Hindu pilgrimage centers. As this town has a laid-back, unspoiled and rustic nature, western tourist started coming here a decade ago. The beaches were not used by the locals, but as more and more tourists came to the beaches various enterprises started to pop-up there.  


Coorg (Kodagu) region is gifted with luscious nature and emerald landscapes.  Acres of plantations can be seen as it is a major center for spices and coffee. This beautiful place is also home to the Kodava race, for which is believed that these people are descendants from Persians and Kurds.

From Bangalore the trip went through Mysore till Coorg was reached. Mysore is known for its many beautiful palaces, which were left from the kingdom of Mysore. Aside from the royal heritage, magnificent monuments and buildings can be found here. At Mysore one day was spend.

During our trip many palm, wheat and banana plantations could be seen. These plantations made a spectacular scene, such as acres of golden glowing wheat plants with rows of palm trees behind it. A stop was made by the Tibetan golden temple, which was a monastery located 6 km from Kushalnagar. The 40 ft. tall Buddha statues left a stunning impression.

The next stop was the mountains. As we left early in the morning, purple/ blueish fog could be seen rolling down the hills. A break was taken near a waterfall.

Then we went to Dubare Elephant Camp, located along the Kaveri river. Here we could see elephant and swim in the river. Many school children were playing in the cool water. 


Week 8 

Biogas Digester

This week we finished the business plan and feasibility report. We were happy when this was done. Now we had a complete overview of the capacity and possibilities with the areca plate production in the village. After finishing the reports we had a meeting with our supervisor. Here we discussed that the use of a biogas digester would be a good idea as alternative energy source for the areca press machine. Thus the next task was researching and designing a biogas installation.

First we needed to look up the general information about biogas installations, as we did not have much knowledge of it. We looked through books, articles, many case studies and analyzed the existing biogas digesters.

Sightseeing in Bangalore

We decided this week that we needed to do some sightseeing, as we have not done any. We took one afternoon to see Bangalore Palace. It lies an hour from the campus, because of the traffic in the city. As we arrived there we bought a ticket and went with the audio tour, a bit monotone but it told lots of interesting information. The palace and its garden were nice to see and explore.  Afterwards we went and see MG road, which is a commercial street full of shops and nice restaurants.     


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