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Week 5&6 #The first village visit

Week 5: Intervention 

This week was an unfortunate one. We stopped our work, because of private family matters. Tiffany’s grandma passed away the weekend before this week.  For this week she travelled back to the Netherlands to attend the funeral. This week represented as a recovery week from the events this week. This meant that no research or studies were done.  This we had communicated with the International Office and our project supervisor and they agreed to let us take a pause of the project.


Week 6: The village Byse

Safety and security visit

From the TU Delft, Otto Kroesen (the study coordinator), Rob and Eileen Focke-Bakker (both safety and security personnel) came to check-up on the different projects in India. They visited our project and talked with the different people involved. A big meeting was held were our project’s process was discussed, criticism on the collaboration between the universities was expressed and new projects were elaborated on. When they started talking about new projects we made our way out to work on the questionnaire for the village as we got some good feedback from Otto.

Village visit

For this week the village visit was planned. We were very excited as this would be our first time seeing the village. We would go to the village Byse and retrieve important information for our project.  For this visit we prepared a large questionnaire to get the needed data.  

After one night of travel in one of the public busses, because we missed our other bus we arrived in the morning at the primary school. It was not the most comfortable trip, but we arrived at where we had to be. Here we would stay for a few days.  The school kids attending the primary school were very cute and kept waving shyly from a distance.  

The environment of the village area was beautiful. There was a lot of nature and the mountains could be seen in the distance.  It was nice to breathe the fresh air and feel the harmonic atmosphere.

During those days we would visit several households to conduct the interviews. Most of the households work in agriculture and everywhere palm trees and banana trees could be seen. As the villagers could only speak the local language, our supervisor conducted the interview for us. The people there were very nice and the hospitality was great. We ate homegrown bananas and were served very nice tea.

During the interviews we were shown the current machine used for the making of the areca plates. When we looked at the machine we noticed that the proposed new machine from the project team would be better. Another thing what was interesting was that the villagers already used biogas for home appliances.  This made biogas a good solution as energy source for all the machines that will be built for the project.  

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