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Week 3&4 #Solar dryer research and design

After the first two week we felt more at home in India. We got more used to the food, the people and the way of living in India. We were not shocked anymore by the interesting driving manner in India.

We already made one trip to discover another city in India and it really motivated us and make us more curious to explore more cities. We noticed that we could work hard during the weekdays and that we then will be able to make short trips during some the weekends.   

The first day of the week we came back from Pondicherry.  This week we met with our supervisor and project team to discuss our findings regarding the solar dryer.  We gave a presentation to our project mates and several professors from Mechinal engineering about the current design and some general information. Eventually some alternations had to be done for the current design, because of the materials that would be available. 

These weeks we spend on improving our design and making an article, which can be published. We thought about new materials as wood or stone, which would be available in the village. Changing the materials also meant that we had to recalculate everything. 

As the design of the solar dryer was changed several times it took more time to finish it and to make documentation of it. On the Open research site multiple articles can be found on our research for the solar dryer.

We spend most days of the week working on the project. Sometimes we went out for dinner during these two weeks. 

What we still found funny, was the appearance of cows everywhere in the city. They would be sitting or walking in the middle of the road. It was nice to see that everyone takes care of the cows. They were given all kinds of fruit and flowers by the vendors. Truthfully most of the cows seemed happy and relaxed even the ones that walked right through the heavy traffic. What really surprised us was the presence of many pigs and cute piglets running around in the city.     

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