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Key Resources

What Key Resources do our Value Propositions, our Distribution Channels, our Customer Relationships and Revenue Streams require?

To be able to make the project a success, some resources need to be present. Without these resources the project won’t be able to become a profitable business.


To enhance the prototype and thus maximize the amount of oil extracted from the lemongrass, knowledge is needed. This is in the form of books, Internet and thus computers. Students from Amrita and the TU Delft work together to gain the proper knowledge and make sure the prototype is adjusted where needed.


Second of all, the business has the need for motivated employees. It is a small-scale operation and without people caring for it, it won’t last long or be profitable.


The financial support from Amrita is one of the most important key resources. The people from Valaramkunnu do not have the money to start their own enterprises and thus have to rely on organizations like Amrita. Amrita SeRVe pays for the experiments, prototypes and supervision from professors in order to make the lemongrass oil distillation a profitable business for the villagers.


Of course the lemongrass is needed to make the oil. Luckily this grows all around Valaramkunnu and there are parts of the land now in use to grow and harvest lemongrass.


Lastly, transport from and to the village is needed. In order to build a network with local salesmen and enable the villagers to sell their product locally, meetings are needed with the salesmen. To be able to meet with those people, the villagers need to be able to get to those meetings and back. This can probably best be done with a car.

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