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Key Partners

Who are our key partners? Who are our key suppliers?

In order to make the lemongrass oil business a success, partners are needed for some of the activities and resources.


First of all, Amrita and the Delft University of Technology are key partners. Amrita helps villages like Valaramkunnu through the Amrita SeRVe program. In cooperation with the Delft University of Technology this program they realized the distillation unit. Students from both universities designed the distillation unit and are improving it. If necessary the students also train people from the village to use the distillation unit. Amrita takes care of the costs for developing the distillation unit. Also the networks of Amrita and the TU Delft can be used to sell the product internationally.


The local salesmen are another key partner. To be able to sell the lemongrass oil locally, the people from Valaramkunnu need someone to sell their product and use their network. These someones are the local salesmen; they can sell the lemongrass oil and keep a small piece of the profit. This is a win-win situation for the salesmen and for the people from Valaramkunnu. Besides that, the people from Valaramkunnu need something to package the lemongrass oil. That is something they can purchase from other local salesmen that are in this kind of business.


Lastly: the local authorities. If you want to start a business, you need to have the authorities on your side. If the authorities aren’t willing to work with you, the chance of building a profitable business shrinks. The project boosts local economy, which is encouraged by the local authorities. The local authorities are needed to give the people the chance to sell and transport the lemongrass oil.


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