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Through which Channels do our Customer Segments want to be reached? Which ones work best?

In order to raise awareness, we will use our connections at Amrita University. They know a lot of local businesses that could buy and sell our product and other potential clients. Since the university has a high reputation in the area, people will want to support their projects and assume that any product coming from their project will have a high quality. The TU Delft will also be a way to reach customers in Europe: If we manage to get them to promote our project, more and more students will know about our product and buy it. We will also make use of social media. Through Facebook and Instagram, we can make sure more and more people are aware of the project. However, the most important channel that can raise awareness for us, is word of mouth. Friends, family members, students, villagers that hear about our project will be the best way to reach new target groups.


Our purchase channels will differ depending on the customer segment: In the rural village, we will have a sales point at which we sell the oil directly. For the other customers in India, such as hotels, we will start off by bringing it to them and showing them the product and discussing cooperation possibilities. At a later stage, we will arrange transportation of the product on a regular basis.

For international customers, we can ship the product to the sales point in large amounts.

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