Editing Workspaces and Collections

Please follow this manual if you want to disconnect your articles from your collections or workspaces, or if you want to re-organize them. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON DELETE FOR REMOVING YOUR ARTICLES OR COLLECTIONS FROM THE COLLECTIONS OR WORKSPACES.

Editing Workspaces

edit workspace 1.jpg

1- Go to your workspace and click on 'edit' button.

edit workspace 2.jpg

2- You will see on right the are where the material in your workspace has been organised into sections of work in progress and shared.

edit workspace 3.jpg

3- By using the x's, you can disconnect the articles. This is different than deleting the articles, you simply disconnect the articles from your workspace, but they will still be accessible in the platform. It is possible to search for the disconnected articles and find them again.

edit workspace 4.jpg

4- Click the x and disconnect the article(s).

edit workspace 5.jpg

5- For changing the order of the articles, you can swipe than up or down. This will be the order of articles that will appear in your workspace.

Editing Collections

edit collection 1.jpg

1- Same principle is applies in the collections. Go to the collection you want to edit and click on edit.

edit collection 2.jpg

2- Scroll down.

edit collection 3.jpg

3- As explained before in workspaces, you can use the same method for disconnecting articles or for changing their order. Same is valid also for connecting/disconnecting the authors, or for changing their order.