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Week 10 & 11 - Ho ho ho! Christmas & New-Years in the sun

20 December 2016 - 2 January 2017

This article was only published on January 17th, since we didn't have any WiFi until this point.


First of all, happy New Year everyone! 

We have two really exciting weeks behind us. On Dec 23rd, we left Wayanad and went on holidays. We left the prototype behind with Mahesh and Prithvi, who would continue with the experiments while we were gone, and took the bus to Bangalore. Here, we stayed in a nice hostel at 100 Ft Road, which is one of the most happening roads in Bangalore. We met up with the other groups in Bangalore and had a really fancy five-course Christmas dinner together on 24 December. After this, we went clubbing. For us, this was a whole new India after having spent four weeks in a rural area, only eating rice and chapattis! Besides exploring the nightlife and Western restaurants in Bangalore, we visited the palace and the largest park of the city, as well as a few malls. We really liked Bangalore, it's a very lively and exciting city!

After two nights in Bangalore, we went to another major city of India: Mumbai. Here, we met with the Lantana group, who stayed in the same hostel. We did some sightseeing and had fancy tea at the famous Taj Mahal Palace. We also did a Slum Tour, which was extremely interesting. What fascinated us the most was the fact that these slums are not just homes, but also part of a huge industry that has a tremendous turnover. Anyway, Mumbai was really cool, even though we spent a lot of time in Ubers getting from one point to the next. We also met great people at the hostel which we spent a lot of time with.


Sightseeing in Mumbai

Next and last stop was GOA! And yes, what they say is true: in Goa, anything is possible. People go crazy there. It’s so much fun to experience. And the beaches are lovely. The nightlife was really good. On one night, Duco (from the Lantana Group), who is a DJ, got to spin at one of the clubs in Goa. It was really funny to see how fanatic the Indians got, they really liked his music. We spent New Year's at a really good party at Club Cubana, with an open bar, a pool and a lot of separate dancing areas.

On January 1st, we travelled back to Wayanad, where we arrived on Januray 2nd. We are now back at the same homestay, where we got a warm welcome-back from Karunakaram and Renjini. In a way, it felt like coming home. After a week of partying and eating Western food, which was really revitalising, we are also happy to eat the lovely home-cooked Indian food again and ready to complete the last phase of our project.


the new, longer coil, installed by Mahesh and Prithvi

Unfortunately, things in the village didn't go exactly as planned while we were gone: Mahesh and Prithvi were able to bring and install the rotameter and the new coil, however after that, they'd gone back to campus instead of staying in Wayanad and do experiments, as was initially planned. This means we'll be in the village on our own again for the next two weeks. Hopefully we'll get around to doing the experiments and that we won't run into many more technical problems, since it's always very complicated and time-consuming to solve these problems when we're alone in the village without anyone to translate for us. 



However, we're motivated to make the most out of our last four weeks! 

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