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What do we want to be the World of Tomorrow?

Inspired by the article of Rob Wijnberg in De Correspondent

While sitting in the train to my parents in Zeeland, I read the Christmas essay of Rob Wijnberg of the Correspondent (a independent Dutch news medium). This article gave me many food for thought. I would all recommend you to read it; it is written very well and recognisable. It is about where we, as human beings, are standing now in the world. A world that has changed in the past two hundred years from a society that looks forward to the dead, to a society that looks at life and how to improve the quality of life. At the moment we can be seen as society that is terrified, because we don’t know where to look forward to anymore; to the future of to the past? To the life or dead? From “Make America Great Again” to “Give us our Country Back”.  Since the Enlightenment in the 18th century the world has been positively developed. Now in the Western world no life-threatening poverty can be seen. And the Western world has more freedom than any other part of the world, and than any other era in the past. And there hasn’t been war for such a long period since now. So, where do we have to look forward to now? What do we still want to change? How do we want the world to develop? In our society there is a severe lack of imagination, considering Rob Wijnberg. We are too prosperous to give rise to a revolution.  

While there needs to revolution now, because the world we live in, is degrading more and more! Now we have to change the world, to be able to give our next generation a high quality of life as well! All together we should transform the world into one where all energy is 100% sustainable and free, because the sun and wind are infinitely available at every place in the world. As a result, the boundaries between countries will disappear.  All parts of the world will be liveable again, so the gap between the Western world and the Third World countries will disappear. Wars between countries for the sources of fossil fuels become unnecessary. And the gap between the poor and the rich will slowly shrink.

So, what do you think? Is this the future you want to look forward to? When I finished reading this article, I thought: Yes, this is where I want to strive for! And I hope many people will share this thought. And then we can give rise to this revolution: Yes, we can! 


Source: Wijnberg, R. (2016). Kerstessay: Waarom onze politiek geregeerd wordt door doodsangst. De Correspondent. Retrieved from