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Week #4: Needs assessment (2)

Barpello, Baringo County, Kenya & Nakuru, Nakuru County, Kenya

Until Friday last week, we have been very busy to collect all the information and video’s which had to be send out that weekend. Although we had to adjust our time-table to ‘African-time’ now and then, we managed to finish everything that we planned. We are happy with the results of the interviews we recorded on camera!

On Friday Thirza and Martijn went to Nakuru and they plan to come back on Wednesday. Splitting up was a good decision, because this way we were able to do the things we had planned at different locations. Nevertheless, a few activities were delayed due to circumstances. The meeting with the elders we had planned on Saturday was cancelled and Tobias & Eileen were unable to reach the Chief because she had gone away for a security meeting. At the same time, Martijn and Thirza had problems with the internet connection in Nakuru. However, no significant delay was caused concerning the project and the deliveries of this week. On Thursday we hope to be reunited as a group and we will discuss all the activities during a project meeting in the morning.

Family visit
In order to shoot a video in one of the Pokot houses, we visited the family that lives behind the dispensary. We were also able to interview a young man about his live and his ambitions. It was very good to step inside the life of a Pokot family and we gained a lot of information!

Interview at Honey House
In the honey house we met Lydia for a key informant interview and we asked her to tell the story about her family and her businesses on camera. She did very well!

FGD Youth
On Sunday after the mass we met the youth in the church. There were around 20 people, age between 15 and 26. We started the group discussion like we did with the mothers and the men. This time it was more difficult, because we did not have Modesta around to explain the questions and the participants did not talk easily. Maybe it was hard for some of them to explain their feelings in English.

Overview building location
On Tuesday we decided to climb the mountain next to the building location in order to make a picture of the area from above. The climb was difficult and took more time than we thought (we lost the track completely), but we managed to get a good picture that we can used for further mapping.

Drawing session with children
On Tuesday in the afternoon we went to the PMC class to draw with the children. Instead of a FGD we wanted to do a playful activity with them to identify their needs and their vision on the future. We let the children draw their house & family as it is now and how their house & family will look like in 10 years. It gave an interesting insight and the children really enjoyed it!

Meeting about Trachoma
On their way to Nakuru, Martijn and Thirza were present at a meeting about Trachoma. Trachoma is a bacterial eye infection which is very common in places where living conditions are crowded, water is scarce, and sanitation is inadequate. The meeting was organized by the sub-county government of East-Pokot in collaboration with the Fred Hollows Foundation, to inform local organizations and leaders about the problem and to discuss possible solutions like: stimulating the community to build toilets, educating schools on the importance of washing hands etc.

Skype meeting with Team Pokot & Gerben
Thirza and Martijn did a skype meeting with Team Pokot and Gerben in Nakuru. It was great to finally speak with each other and to discuss some things. Also, Gerben joined the team and he will help us by giving feedback on our thoughts about the water supply system. It was a very good meeting and we were able to discuss a lot. We made new agreements and we are now able to proceed with our project.

Meeting with architect
In Nakuru, Thirza and Martijn met -what they thought was- the architect of the new medical dispensary. However, he was not the one. Eventually, this architect agreed to discuss the designs (of another architect) briefly with us. Stefanie also joined our discussion on skype and we got some good information. Sadly, we had to come to the conclusion that the designs are actually unusable for the medical dispensary. There were a lot of things ‘’wrong’’ with the design, including that the design showed us a 2-story building. Also, we had the strong feeling that the architect did not used a program of requirements. Now, Stefanie is going to discuss all of this with Sr. Esther (our client) and hopefully there will be a solution in time.

Upcoming events
• Meeting with the Chief
• Meeting with the Elders (Key informant interview)
• Mapping of the building location
• Visiting Barpello High school